The Mission

Build the first Open Source Distributed AI

We are in the very early staging of figuring out how to build a distributed Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) where a multitude of narrow A.I. agents with specialised skills can be brought toghether to build a more general intelligent A.I.

How it works

Well ... we haven't figured out that part yet, that's why we need you. But the main idea is this:

  • 1

    Create an AI agent with narrow skills which can be discovered by other AI agents in the network

    Most AI agents these days have a focused narrow skill. For example you can make an AI agent that detects emotions in a video but most likely is not complete. That's OK, you can focus on improving those specific skills and you can still benefit from a wide variety of other skills provided AI agents in the network by joining to the network.

  • 2

    Create Standards for AI Agent Skill Discoverability

    Create well defined standards and interfaces for boarcasting and discovering the type of skills and AI agent provides.

  • 3

    Create an AI Agent Trust Service

    A trust system must be created to review the quality of AI agents provided in the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

You can join by participaing on discussion we have on

Also you can contibute code on

How much work has been done on this project so far?

The project is at the very beginnings and currenly we are currently defining the main objectives.

The next phase is to figure out what would be the best course of action to make this idea an reality.